Independent OEM

newterra GmbH in Germany is an independent supplier of the submerged MicroClear® membrane cassette module. We are therefore an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplying system manufacturers and end users alike.

Good, Sound Advice

However, due to our many years of experience with MBR (membrane bioreactor) applications, we are far more than simply a component supplier. Our success and that of our customers can only be guaranteed if the MicroClear® filter is deployed in an environment that matches the capabilities of a membrane system. We ensure that this is the case by intensively consulting with our customers - from basic planning and the design of membrane tanks and filtrate outlets to energy optimization and maintenance plans. We provide support during commissioning as well as later during normal operation, when the filters need to be cleaned.

End customers are first given detailed advice on how their particular problem can be solved. Only when the use of a membrane system appears to be economically feasible will we propose that a pilot plant using our rental equipment be installed, to eliminate all of the technical uncertainties as far as possible.

Technical Expertise

Our field of expertise requires special technical knowledge that can only be acquired through years of experience. Our staff and the entire team at newterra live by these principles.