Filter module

Filter module MCXL2

Completely welded filter module for the filtration of wastewater in membrane bioreactor system. The module consists of:

  • Plate and header made of polypropylene
  • 23 active  filter plates made of polypropylene
  • 2 protective plates made of polypropylene
  • Welded PVDF membrane
Parameter Unit Value
dimension of filter housing
(incl. flange for aeration)
L x W x H mm 209 x 418 x 490
outlet diameter mm 25
protective plates 2
number of active plates   23
total membrane surface area 8
possible flow¹
2 chemical cleanings/year
1 chemical cleaning /year
max. flow l/m²h 50
membrane material PVDF
pore size nom. μm 0.03
filtration pressure bar 0.1-0.25
backflush pressure bar 0.07-0.1
filter housing material   PP
weight kg approx. 11.5

¹ depending on wastewater characteristics