This is how the MicroClear® system works

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New, Optimized Aeration

  • High cross-flow velocities are achieved
  • Reduced air requirement of only 0.28 Nm³/m²h
  • Optimized bubble size enhances cleaning performance


Submerged Membrane Technology with Crystal Clear Benefits

  • Robust polypropylene plates with welded membranes on both sides
  • Maximum retention of bacteria and viruses
  • The useful life of the filters is up to 10 years
  • Designed without the need for adhesives or seals


True Back Flush Capability

  • Consistent, precisely defined spacing of the individual plates
  • Extremely uniform distribution of flow and cleaning process
  • MicroClear® filters can be completely back flushed


Removable closing plate

  • Backplate for plate stabilizing
  • Easy manteling and dismanteling
  • Smart cleaning of each single flat sheet


Replacement product for hollow fiber installations

  • Same package density as Hollow Fiber Modules of 185 m²/m³
  • Less maintenance effort
  • Smaller total costs of ownership
  • Same energy consumption


Uniform Pressure Distribution

  • Patented design with multiple filtrate outlets
  • Uniform pressure distribution over the entire surface of the membrane
  • The formation of partial surface layers is prevented


Cleaning without Chemicals

Cleaning without Chemicals

  • Carefully defined bubble size cleans the membrane surfaces
  • Simultaneous addition of oxygen into the activated sludge is ensured
  • The need for chemical cleaning is kept to an absolute minimum